amblib - Ambisonic C++ Library



This is a C++ library for Ambisonic encoding, decoding, and other processing. It takes an object oriented approach.

A central part of the library is the CBFormat object which acts as a buffer for B-Format. There are several other objects, each with a specific tasks, such as encoding, decoding, and processing for Ambisonics. All of these objects handle CBFormat objects at some point.


The following sample code shows the encoding of a sine wave into an Ambisonic soundfield, and then decoding that soundfield over a Quad speaker setup.

//Generation of mono test signal
float sinewave[512];
for(int ni = 0; ni < 512; ni++)
    sinewave[ni] = (float)sin((ni / 128.f) * (M_PI * 2));

//CBFormat as 1st order 3D, and 512 samples
CBFormat myBFormat;

//Ambisonic encoder, also 3rd order 3D
CAmbisonicEncoder myEncoder;

//Set test signal's position in the soundfield
PolarPoint position;
position.fAzimuth = 0;
position.fElevation = 0;
position.fDistance = 5;

//Encode test signal into BFormat buffer
myEncoder.Process(sinewave, 512, &myBFormat);

//Ambisonic decoder, also 1st order 3D, for a 5.0 setup
CAmbisonicDecoder myDecoder;

//Allocate buffers for speaker feeds
float** ppfSpeakerFeeds = new float*[5];
for(int niSpeaker = 0; niSpeaker < 5; niSpeaker++)
    ppfSpeakerFeeds[niSpeaker] = new float[512];

//Decode to get the speaker feeds
myDecoder.Process(&myBFormat, 512, ppfSpeakerFeeds);

//De-allocate speaker feed buffers
for(int niSpeaker = 0; niSpeaker < 5; niSpeaker++)
    delete [] ppfSpeakerFeeds[niSpeaker];
delete [] ppfSpeakerFeeds;


Encoder (CAmbisonicEncoder):

Simple encoder up to 3rd order 3D, without any distance cues

Encoder with distance (CAmbisonicEncoderDist):

As the simple encoder, but with the addition of the following:

Decoder (CAmbisonicDecoder):

Processor (CAmbisonicProcessor):

Up to 2nd order 3D yaw/roll/pitch of the soundfield

Binauralizer (CAmbisonicBinauralizer):

Up to 1st order 3D decoding to headphones

Zoomer (CAmbisonicZoomer):

Up to 1st order 3D front-back dominance control of the soundfield


GNU Lesser General Public Licence
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