Monthly Archives: December 2014

Updated Bidules for Mac

The Mac versions of the Bidule plugins on this site have until now supported both PowerPC and x86 Macs. This means there was no support for x64  architectures, so unless you were running Bidule in 32 bit mode (see screenshot … Continue reading

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Bye SourceForge, Hello GitHub

I recently started to use Git and GitHub (as well as BitBucket for private stuff) and quite like it. So I have moved both of my SourceForge projects over to GitHub: ambisonic-lib mit-hrtf-lib

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MusicHackDay London 2014

This month I attended my first MusicHackDay event in London. I went along with work colleague  and we managed to implement “FFTM“, which stands for “Fast Forward Time Machine”. The idea is that the user types in the name of … Continue reading

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