Ambisonics plugins for encoding, decoding, binaural decoding, and rotating (yaw/tilt/tumble), up to 3 order. More…

HRTF processing plugin using the MIT Kemar HRTF sets. More…

amblib – Ambisonic C++ Library

A library for Ambisonic encoding, decoding, rotating, zooming, and other processing, up to 3rd order. It takes an object oriented approach, and is the basis of the Ambisonic Bidules. Hopefully those of you interested will help in wrapping its functionality in other more popular plugin formats.

The project is hosted at GitHub “ambisonic-lib” which you can see here. It makes use of two other libraries: Kiss FFT, and mit_hrtf_lib which I have written.

Last update: 23/05/15

MIT HRTF Library

An open source C library making access to the MIT Kemar HRTF set easy through the use of two functions. See the GitHub project website here.

2 Responses to Goodies

  1. Elan R. says:

    Hello Aristotle… Thanks for creating such a sweet set of Ambisonic plugins. I am curious if the B – Binaural decoder is still around (not Binauralizer). I would love to experiment with decoding 3rd order compositions to binaural.



    • aristotel says:

      Hi Elan,

      I wasn’t going to make them available as they are not supported but since you asked, I have added them at the new “Unsupported” page.



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